Tsukuba Center Area

Please see the map (pdf) of Tsukuba central area. There are Tsukuba railway station (Tsukuba Express, underground), Tsukuba Center bus terminal, and shopping malls in the Tsukuba Center area. Most of you will first arrive at Tsukuba Ceter by train or by airport limousine bus. To go to Okura Frontier Hotel Tsukuba where many of you will stay, climb up to pedestrial level (2nd floor) by stairs or by escalator (Bivi-Tsukuba), and you will find the entrance of the hotel on your left. Please note that there are two Okura Frontier Hotels, main hotel and EPOCHAL adjacent. Your room is reserved at the main hotel close to Tsukuba Center, if your room is reserved by us.

From Okura Frontier Hotel (main hotel) to EPOCHAL Tsukuba (Symposium site), use pedestrain road. It is about 10 minutes walk.

Transportation between International Airports in Tokyo area (Narita, Haneda) and Tsukuba Center


We recommend you to use limousine bus services for the transportation between Tsukuba Center and International Airports in Tokyo area (Narita and Haneda), except for the case from Tsukuba Center to Haneda airport. Since there may be serious traffic jams from Tsukuba to downtown Tokyo, we recommend you the train system from Tsukuba to Haneda airport.

The transportation information on this page can be downloaded as a PDF file.

Limousine bus

When you arrive at the airports in Tokyo (Narita or Haneda), the bus ticket to Tsukuba Center is available at the ticket sales counter in the arrival lobby. 


Time table: Narita Airport – Tsukuba Center (about 1 hour ride)

Note that Tsukuba Center is not the final bus stop. The bus goes to the further destination. There are two ticket counters at Narita arrival lobby. Keisei counter sells ticket to Tsukuba.


Time table (Japanese): Haneda Airport – Tsukuba Center (1.5 - 2 hours ride)

From Haneda Int. Terminal to Tsukuba Center, bus leaves at 9:20, 11:10, 14:45, 15:55, 17:45, 19:05, 20:45, 21:55. Tsukuba Center is the final bus stop.


The last bus to Tsukuba Center leaves 20:30 from Narita airport and 21:55 from Haneda airport. If your flight arrives at the airport later than that time, you need to use train service.

From Tsukuba Center to airports (Narita, Haneda), you are required to buy the bus ticket in advance, by 7pm of one day before the boarding. You can buy the ticket at the ticket office at Tsukuba Center bus terminal (Open 7:30am – 8pm [Mon-Fri], 8am – 7pm [Sat.-Sun]).


To find a route and time, the webpage below will be useful.

Between Tsukuba Center and Haneda airport (following is the case from Tsukuba to Haneda).

(1) Take a train from "Tsukuba" to "Akihabara" (1190 yen, Tsukuba Express line). Rapid or Semi-rapid trains are recommended.

(2) Take a train from "Akihabara" to "Hamamatsu-cho" (170 yen, JR Yamanote-line outer loop or JR Keihin-Tohoku line south bound).

(3) Take a monorail from "Hamamatsu-cho" to "Haneda Airport International Terminal" (410 yen).

Since the three lines (Tsukuba Express, JR=Japan Railways, Haneda Monorail) are operated by different companies, you need to buy tickets for each ride. If you have IC traffic card (SUICA or PASMO), you can use them for all the lines. Note that you need to move vertically at Akihabara station: Tsukuba Express platform locates very deep underground and JR Yamanote or JR Keihin-Tohoku line is in the 3rd floor above ground.

Between Tsukuba Center and Narita Airport (following is the case from Narita to Tsukuba).

(1) Take Narita Sky Access line from "Narita Airport" station (Terminal 1 or 2) to "Higashi-Matsudo" (940 yen). Keisei railway company operates Skyliner and Sky Access between Narita airport and central Tokyo. Get on Sky Access, NOT get on the Skyliner.

(2) Take a train from "Higashi-Matsudo" to "Minami-Nagareyama" (170 yen, JR Musashino line).

(3) Take a train from "Minami-Nagareyama" to "Tsukuba" (830 yen, Tsukuba Express line).

Since three lines (Keisei Sky Access, JR Musashino line, Tsukuba Express line) are operated by different companies, you need to buy tickets for each ride.

List of some train connections at night time.

from "Narita Airport" station

to "Higashi-Matsudo"

(Keisei Sky Access)

from "Higashi-Matsudo"

to "Minami-Nagareyama"

(JR Musashino line, bound

for "Fuchuhommachi")

from "Minami-Nagareyama"

to "Tsukuba"

(Tsukuba Express)

19:49 - 20:27 20:35 - 20:44 20:51 - 21:15
20:32 - 21:11 21:21 - 21:30 21:37 - 22:06
21:13 - 21:48 22:08 - 22:17 22:22 - 22:45
22:03 - 22:39 22:45 - 22:54 23:08 - 23:38


After the last train (22:03) in the above table, you can still reach Tsukuba by the train below:

from "Narita Airport" station

to "Nippori"

(Keisei Skyliner) 

from "Nippori"

to "Kitasenju"

(JR Jyoban line)

from "Kitasenju"

to "Tsukuba"

(Tsukuba Express)

22:30 - 23:09 23:23 - 23:31 23:41 - 0:24


Prepaid IC traffic card (SUICA, PASMO)

For transportations by train and by local bus, prepaid IC traffic card is convenient. SUICA is operated by JR East, PASMO by other railway companies in Tokyo area. SUICA and PASMO are compatible with each other, so you can use them in almost all trains, subways, and buses. You can purchase the cards at ticket machines. The initial cost consists of a refundable deposite of 500 yen plus an initial amount to be charged on the card. You can recharge them at ticket machines in railway stations. When you no longer need your prepaid card, bring your card to the ticket counter of the railway company that issued the card. See the web site for detail.

General Information

Tsukuba city locates about 60 km north-east from Tokyo. A train system (Tsukuba Express) connects Tsukuba and Akihabara (downtown Tokyo area) in less than one hour. There is also a direct limousine bus service from international airports in Tokyo (both from Narita and Haneda airports).

Tsukuba International Congress Center EPOCHAL TSUKUBA locates in the central area of Tsukuba city, 10-min. walk on the pedestrian walkway from Tsukuba Center.