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Ab initio computational approaches for quantum dynamics of electrons in molecules, nano-structures, and solids have been rapidly developing in wide fields of physics, chemistry, optics, and materials science. The International Symposium on Ab Initio Electron Dynamics Simulations (AIEDS18) is intended to provide an international forum for researchers working in the fields. Theories and methods of electron dynamics such as time-dependent density functional theory (TDDFT) and their applications in a variety of research fields will be discussed. We expect the symposium to bring together researchers who are actively working on electron dynamics simulations and related areas, to increase exchange of research and ideas, and to promote strong collaborations.

On Nov. 12 (Mon.) - 13 (Tue.) before the symposium, we will organize a 2-day school on time-dependent density functional theory including a hands-on tutorial session running a TDDFT program package SALMON on a supercomputer system. Please visit the web page of the school

This symposium is jointly hosted by two research projects that are in progress in Japan, a JST-CREST project in the research area of advanced photonics, and a sub-project in the Post-K social and scientific priority issue 7 (CDMSI). The symposium is also intended to share current achievements of these projects.

We welcome your participation and look forward to seeing you in November!

Date and Time: Nov. 14-16, 2018
Place: International Congress Center EPOCHAL TSUKUBA, Tsukuba city, Japan
Hosted by: JST-CREST project "Development and applications of first-principles software for unified photonics and electronic systems", and Post-K social and scientific priority issue 7 (CDMSI), sub-project B: "Unified photonics-electronic devices"
Co-hosted by: Center for Computational Sciences, University of Tsukuba
Language: English
Registration Fee: Free (Banquet fee will be charged)



  • Kazuhiro Yabana (Chair), University of Tsukuba
  • Tomohito Otobe, Kansai Photon Science Institute
  • Sheng Meng, Chinese Academy of Sciences