Partial List of speakers and their titles:

X. Andrade (Livermore) Calculation of non-linear electrical and thermal conductivity with real-time TDDFT
J. Bang (Daejeon) Dephasing-induced ultrafast charge transfer in van der Waals heterostructures
G.F. Bertsch (Seattle) Summary talk
K. Burke (Irvine) Understanding TDDFT with the Hubbard dimer
G. Chen (Hong Kong) Time-dependent density functional theory for open systems and its applications
I. Floss (Vienna) Accounting for decoherence in solid-state TDDFT
S. Gao (Beijing) Tunable spin and water transport through graphene nano channels
E.K.U. Gross (Halle) Laser-induced spin dynamics in solids: Some predictions from real-time TDDFT
S. Hu (Beijing) Strong laser induced high order harmonic generation in graphene
H. Huebener (Hamburg) Floquet analysis of excitations in solids
K. Iida (Okazaki) Photoinduced electron dynamics of heterointerface systems simulated by massively parallel calculations
Y. Kanai (Chapel Hill) Non-equilibrium real-time TDDFT simulation of electronic stopping under Ion irradiation
H. Kono (Sendai) Multiconfigurational theories for the dynamics of molecules in intense laser fields: Anisotropic ionization of CO and structural deformation of C60
S. Latini (Hamburg) Exciton-polaritons: Cavity control of dark excitons in two-dimensional materials
S. Meng (Beijing) Emergence of new states in photoexcited solids
Y. Miyamoto (Tsukuba) Thermal and non-thermal laser-induced lattice dynamics examined by TDDFT
T. Niehaus (Lyon) Electron dynamics from approximate time-dependent density functional theory
T. Otobe (Kyoto) Laser-solid interaction in non-perturbative regime
N. Park (Ulsan) Ab initio study of ultrafast spin dynamics of spin-orbit coupled semiconductor under the influence of circularly-polarized external fields
J.J. Rehr (Seattle) Exchange and correlation in real-time and finite-temperature TDDFT
T. Sato (Tokyo) Time-dependent wavefunction-based methods for intense laser-driven multielectron dynamics
Y. Shinohara (Tokyo) Electron dynamics simulation for solid-state high-harmonic generation based on first-principles theory
E. Suraud (Toulouse) On the inclusion of dissipative effects in clusters and molecules
M. Uemoto (Tsukuba) Maxwell+TDDFT ab initio multi-scale simulation and application to nano-optics
K. Varga (Nashville) Volkov basis for simulation of interaction of strong laser pulses and solids
L.-W. Wang (Berkeley) Fast real time TDDFT and non-adiabatic molecular dynamics with detailed balance and dephasing
K. Watanabe (Tokyo) Electron emission from nano carbon induced by laser irradiation, plasmon excitation and electron impact
A. Yamada (Tsukuba) Maxwell + nonadiabatic ab initio MD multi-scale simulation and application to impulsive stimulated Raman scattering spectroscopy
S. Yamada (Tsukuba) Time-dependent density functional theory for interaction of ultrashort light pulse with thin materials
L. Yan (Kashiwa) Plasmon-induced ultrafast hydrogen production in liquid water