How to cite SALMON

Suggested Citations

If you publish a paper in which SALMON makes an important contribution, please cite the SALMON code paper, Ref. [1] published in Computer Physics Communications.

We also suggest you to cite the following papers depending on your usage of SALMON.

  • If you use SALMON for electron dynamics calculations of a large-size system, Ref. [2] that discusses massively parallel implementation utilizing spatial divisions will be appropriate.
  • if you use SALMON to calculate electron dynamics in a unit cell of crystalline solid, Ref. [3] discussing formalism and numerical implementation will be appropriate.
  • Ref. [4] is one of the first implementations of the real-time time-dependent density functional calculation, in particular, instantaneous kick for the linear response calculations.
  • If you use multiscale calculation coupling Maxwell equations for the electromagnetic fields of light and electron dynamics, Ref. [5] discussing the formalism and the numerical implementation will be appropriate.
  • Ref. [6] describes parallelization method for the coupled Maxwell - TDDFT calculations.
  • Ref. [7] describes computational aspects of electron dynamics calculations for periodic systems in many-core processors:

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[2]Masashi Noda, Kazuya Ishimura, Katsuyuki Nobusada, Kazuhiro Yabana, and Taisuke Boku. Massively-parallel electron dynamics calculations in real-time and real-space: toward applications to nanostructures of more than ten-nanometers in size. Journal of Computational Physics, 265:145–155, 2014.
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